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  Last updated: 1/15/2016

Clothing, Helmets, and Protective Gear


Early Spring and Fall Rides

Riding in the "bench" seasons (to steal a term from the cruise lines) and dealing with the temperatures and precipitation issues provides it's own set of demands in the clothing arena. Many times having the correct clothing will save the day by keeping you comfortable, safe (by avoiding hypothermia) and allow you to finish your planned route. Ideally these will be items that you can stuff in a jersey pocket when not needed.

The theory is that if you keep your core (head/chest) warm, your extremities (toes/fingers) will stay warm as well. So if you have to choose, take that fleece vest and skull cap before you pack the leg warmers.

Be ready for unexpected downpours. It may be sunny when you leave the house, but storms brew quickly. When you get doused while wearing shorts and a short-sleeve jersey on a cool day, it can get mighty cold. But who wants to lug full rain gear when it might not rain at all? Here's a minimal, easy-to-carry kit for days when the weather can't make up its mind.

Tuck the skull cap, gloves and toe covers in your seat bag. Roll the jacket tightly and stuff it in your jersey's middle rear pocket. Then bring on the weather!

For more information you can go to The Ice Bike website



Skiing or biking, it is not unusual to see a GoPro camera mounted on another rider or skier's helmet. Here is a great example of blending the advances in video technology right into the helmet itself. So rather than sitting on top, exposed to damage or snagging on a limb (in mountain biking), we have an integrated design - with a 360 degree view as well. And we are being tantalized with additional possibilities including a Collision Avoidance Alert that can sense and alert riders to dangers outside of their peripheral vision, AutoPilot action tracking, and live streaming.


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