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The Author's Daily Vitamin Regimen

I've often been asked what I take on a daily basis. A good diet is the basis of my program, and I aim for one that is low in salt and includes plenty of calcium and potassium from fruit and vegetables (proven to be of benefit for those with a tendency towards high blood pressure).

A multivitamin takes the pressure off maintaining a balanced diet and guarantees that all the bases are covered. And a B with C (stress tabs) containing 400 micrograms of folate along with B12 and B6 may prevent elevation of homocysteine, a metabolite that has been linked to hardening of the arteries. Although benefits of vit E have not been proven, 400 IU along with 50 micrograms of selenium round out the antioxidants.

A glass of red wine in the evening and an aspirin 4 days a week finish off the regimen.

Does it help? I'm not sure there is any proof, but the peace of mind in taking charge of one's own health has its own health benefits.

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