Richard Rafoth MD

I am a gastroenterologist (specialist in diseases of the digestive tract) practicing in Everett, Washington. While training for the Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic, an annual double century ride, in 1986 I was fascinated by the variety of training programs used by those I rode with, including what I considered unrealistic expectations of nutrition's ability to improve their performance. After looking for a book or article on the subject, and finding none, I wrote the first edition of Bicycling Fuel in 1988. Unfortunately, after 4 editions, it is now out of print. As I often got requests for it, I decided to move the information over to a website, thus the initial CPTIPS homepage in the mid 1990s.

Although I initially focused on nutrition, my interests have widened to all aspects of training related to improving personal athletic performance. Over the last few years, I have personally focused on multiday trips, particularly in unusual areas or conditions. As an example, a 200 mile, high altitude ride (above 10000 feet) in Peru from Lake Titticaca to Macchu Pichu, and a ride across Bhutan in 10 days.

Although this website is focused on cycling, it is applicable to all aerobic sports. Understanding the wide variability in personal styles and successful training programs, I welcome feedback, questions, and suggestions for improving this website at CPTIPS.

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