Over the last decade, there has been an explosion in the volume of applied research investigating the effects of diet on athletic performance in cycling. Yet there is hardly a subject where more preconceived, unscientific notions and outright wrong information is available. High Performance Bicycling Nutrition was written by a physician with a personal interest in the effects of proper nutrition on optimal athletic performance to help serious cyclists sort fact from the fiction of "personal experience".

The initial 3 editions of Bicycling Fuel presented basic physiology and specific recommendations in a format that was easy for those without a scientific background to understand. The 4th edition has been updated and retitled as High Performance Bicycling Nutrition. Richard Rafoth MD explains how to determine which diet is right for you, and provides examples of food and drinks to help you perform better and enjoy cycling to the fullest - whether for recreation, touring, or competition.

High Performance Bicycling Nutrition ($9.95 US) is available

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