Web page on 3.5" disc

I've always been a believer on the power of the WWW as an information source. That is one of the reasons I decided to develop the CYCLING PERFORMANCE TIPS webpage and make it freely available to all those interested.

I've avoided advertising banners, and although my book "High Performance Cycling Nutrition" is mentioned,this web page was not intended as a "come on" to stimulate book sales but as a supplement including ALL the nutritional and non nutritional cycling tips I had come across.

Over the years the page has grown, and some of you with slow modems have asked if it was available on disc. If you would like a copy, send me a self adresssed stamped envelope (2 stamps) and $7.00 and I'll make a copy that you can read using your own browser. Updates can be easily downloaded from the page as they occur - I've include a section on recent updates for that purpose).

Dick Rafoth MD

c/o The Everett Clinic

3901 Hoyt

Everett, Washington 98201

Questions on content or suggestions to improve this page are appreciated.

Cycling Performance Tips
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