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  Last updated: 9/12/2010

Using CPTIPS to Develop your

Personal Training (and Training Nutrition) Program

The Cycling Performance Tips website was developed over time as a series of webpages addressing a multitude of training and nutrition topics. For those interested in getting started with their training, and researching the nuances later, it was often difficult to extract the relevant information (which is spread over many webpages).

As a response to this common comment, the series of webpages was pulled together to lead you through the logical development of a personalized training program. As opposed to an ebook,which cannot be updated once downloaded, this allows me to amplify and modify content as reader questions arise.

In that vein, I'd appreciate any of your suggestions to make the series of pages easier to understand and use.

And if you felt it was of value to you, I will leave this link to a PayPal account.

Dick Rafoth


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