Developing Your Own Personal

Nutrition Program

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Richard Rafoth MD

The website Cycling Performance Tips was designed to be used as a "cyber" book, taking advantage of hyperlinks for cross referencing as well as allowing for sectional updates on a timely basis. Although the website developed out of the author's personal interest in nutrition and cycling, it was not formatted to provide a step by step approach to construct a personalized nutrition program.

The following text will use editorial comments and hyperlinks to the CPT website material to lead you through development of a nutrition program tailored to your individual needs. As with the original website, this program will be in ongoing revision, and feedback or suggestions are always appreciated ( and will be incorporated into future versions. (Any files that are changed to incorporate your questions or comments will be forwarded back to you via the WWW to download onto your original disc).

The Glossary will help you with definitions and provide additional hyperlinks back to relevant website material. If you want to take a break, Past Performance Tips is a series of questions that teach as they lead you to interesting areas of the website. And of course, there is always the Table of Contents for the entire Cycling Performance Tips website.

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I. Background

  1. Introduction - Your optimum performance is a result of personal genetics and training. While there are no nutritional secrets to improve your personal best, eating incorrectly will keep you from achieving that goal.

  2. Energy and Cycling - Designing a nutritional program requires an understanding the relationship between energy production to support muscle contractions and the energy requirements of cycling.

  3. Nutritional Physiology - Which type of Calorie (carbohydrate, fat, or protein) is better for you when you are exercising. And how does exercise affect the digestive tract (important in deciding when you should eat).

  4. Keys to get that extra edge - A few tips to maximize the advantages of that pre ride, during the ride, and post ride nutrition.

II. Let's Plan Your Nutritional Program

  1. The Rule of 4's - The Rule of 4's identifies the 4 critical time periods to be addressed in designing your nutritional program.

  2. Specific Rides

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