CPTIPS is a hobby for me, originally pulled together as I tried to understand the "lore" of how to become a better cyclist and improve my own cycling. It has grown over the years, and taken on a "Wikipedia" quality as I have added links to other websites and included questions and comments from readers. Although CPTIPS is a hobby, there are those annoying internet web hosting expenses to be covered. If you feel it was of value, consider making that next cycling related purchase by clicking through to one of our sponsors from this page. The small commissions from your purchases add up, and help to keep the lights on at CPTIPS by defraying the ISP expenses.

Although biking is my love, my passion is biking to see parts of the world and cultures that are different from the Pacific NW. I've recently pulled together a few travel related links (which I use often) and figured they might be of help to any of you planning a trip. Hope you enjoy the website. Dick

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This website has been designed as a "cyber"book. It contains a number of chapters (webpages) which are updated regularly or new webpages added (based on reader feedback. In addition, reader's questions are added to illustrate specific concepts. For those of you with a slow modem, the entire page is available on 3.5" disc.. After repeated questions from all of you about applying the content to personal training programs, I have also taken the information from the website and applied it to a software program that uses editorial comments and hyperlinks to lead you stepwise through the website material to develop a personalized training program.

There are three ways to take advantage of this site.

If you have questions, or feel a concepts or facts need clarification, feedback is always appreciated at cptipsnew@gmail.com. Or even better, join us at the new Cycling Performance Tips blog

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For those of you who visit this site regularly, the date of the last update was:

February 22, 2010


This month I added a new page to the website -- Dick's Travel Tips and Links -- that can be a help to those of you that travel, or are planning a trip, with your bike. I'm interested in your comments and feedback. Is it clear? Links work? How can I make it better. I'd appreciate hearing from you.

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