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Cycling Training Program

(Ver 1.3)

Richard Rafoth MD

The website Cycling Performance Tips was designed as a "cyber" book, using hyperlinks for cross referencing and allowing for timely updates without having to wait for a new edition. The following text will combine editorial commentary with hyperlinks to your own copy of CPT website material to lead you through development of a personalized training program. Feedback or suggestions are always appreciated ( and will be incorporated into future versions and any files that are modified to incorporate your questions or comments will be forwarded back to you.

The Glossary serves a dual purpose as a true glossary as well as a quick index by providing hyperlinks to appropriate text. If you'd like to test your knowledge of physiology, the Past Performance Tips section is a compilation of questions that teach as they lead you through the background information on the CPT website. And finally, there is the traditional of course, there is always the formal Table of Contents for Cycling Performance Tips.

If you wish to research your own nutritional information, there are several excellent websites available:

Dick Rafoth MD


I. Background

  1. Introduction
  2. Training Logs
  3. Training Physiology
  4. Basic Training Principles

II. Let's Get Started

  1. Preseason
  2. Mileage
  3. How hard and how often should I ride?
  4. Putting it all together - an example of a training program.


  1. How to eat for each type of ride
  2. Getting the edge - tips for a PR (Personal Record)
  3. Miscellaneous

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Cycling Performance Tips
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