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Nutrition and Training

Over the years, CPTIPS has evolved into a significant collection of inter related web pages. As a result it can be time consuming to follow the links online, and, as constructed, it does not provide an intuitive, step wise approach to developing a personal training program.

As a result, many readers have requested a CD-ROM version to use at home along with a simpler and more organized approach to allow them to develop their own training program.You can order a CD, signed by the author, that includes all the current webpages as well as two programs that use editorial comments and hyperlinks that lead you through website material as you develop, step by step, your own personalized training program.

The first, Nutrition and Cycling V 2.0, leads you through development of a sound cycling nutritional program, pointing out when and how to eat to maximize your performance. While changing your nutrition will not substitute for a good training program, poor nutrition will definitely keep you from reaching your personal best.

The second, Training for Cycling V 1.3, focuses on mileage and finding the right balance of intensity and distance to achieve your personal goals.

Both are PC based and require an internet browser on your machine. If you would like a copy of both programs (including all the material on the CPT website which will allow you to browse WWW.CPTIPS offline) send:


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Cycling Performance Tips
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