Training Logs

Training logs (cycling diaries) are essential if you want to improve your personal cycling performance and reach your personal best. A well-kept diary captures everything that goes right and wrong with your training, health and equipment. It's the only way you'll remember details of great rides you think (at the time) you'll never forget.

You can review how you trained, what you ate and how much you weighed before a successful race or fast century. You can also trace mistakes that caused a period of poor performances and identify how you may have over trained. these entries should only take a few minutes a day and can be invaluable.

You will use two:

As you use these logs, remember:
  1. No two people improve at the same rate. 5-10% will be low responders to a training program, 5-10% will improve very quickly, and the remainder will be spread in the middle. So be patient.
  2. Set realistic goals that give you the satisfaction of achievement rather than the disappointment of flailing at the impossible.
  3. Don't over train. There is not only the risk of an acute injury such as bursitis or a pulled muscle, but also the physiologic changes that come with too much for too long.
Personal Performance Measures Log (PPML)

Individual measures such as AT and VO2 max. measure your physiologic performance and can indicate when certain "body systems", such as the cardiovascular system, have plateaued. But it will be the combination of several measures that will give you the best measure of when you've finally reached your own personal plateau.

The personal performance measures need not be done daily. You can pick your own preference as to frequency, but several times a week is adequate. The measures to be tracked include:

Daily Mileage Log (DML)

This log is self explanatory and tracks your mileage. Tips on where to start and how quickly to increase mileage will be covered as we go along.


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